About DAE Controls LLC

DAE (since 1998) is specialized in Cloud Metering Solutions for water and electricity. With the system, DAE CC2030 Gateway will be able to collect the energy data or water consumption data from DAE electrical meters or DAE AMR (Auto Meter Reading Module with RS485 communication for 16 water meters with Pulse Output) or AMR130 (for 1 water meter) and send them to the cloud (DAE server) through Ethernet. With cell phone, PC or tablet, the building owners or property managers will therefore be able to get access to real time data as well as the monthly water/kWh consumption and billing reports to their tenants. If there is abnormal usage (ex. Broken piping), an email alert will be sent to your cell phone automatically. TOU (Time of Use) billing reports are also available from the DAE Cloud Metering System.
Following are some typical customers worldwide.
• Fullerton Medical Center, University Office park, Fullerton, California
• Granada Apartments, Austin, Texas
• French Creek Marina, Clayton, New York
• Little Creek RV Resort, Anderson, South Carolina
• Shopping Center, Ellicott City, Maryland
• Sierra RV Park, Coarsegold, California
• Bank of America, Riverside, California
• Karam Um Dental Building, Clovis, California
• US, Taiwan Advantech
• US, a Large Military Base
• Hong Kong CLP Power Limited
• China Beijing Palace Museum
• Taiwan University/Dormitory and the other 81 University/Dormitories in Taiwan

DAE Trademark is approved and registered on Jan.22, 2019 by USPTO (US Patent and Trademark Office)

After a long work with DAE attorney from early 2018, DAE Trademark is finally approved and registered by USPTO (US Patent and Trademark Office) in early 2019. Amazon immediately requests DAE Controls to register the DAE Trademark in Amazon System. It is amazing to find DAE sales in Amazon was enhanced by 41% after the registration of DAE trademark. Amazon informs us that no one else can sell the water meters, electrical meters and Cloud Metering System with DAE Trademark in Amazon except that they get a prior approval from DAE Controls LLC.

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