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DAE (since 1998) is specialized in water meters, electrical meters and Cloud Metering System to read the metering data real time with cell phone, PC and generate bill reports. This is particularly welcome by the landlords and Property Managers of apartments, mobile homes, RV Parks, Marinas and Office Buildings. They will not have to drive several hours to record the reading of the meters, making calculation and send to their tenants. Rather, they just sit in front of their computer, download the billing reports and send them directly. If there’s an abnormal use of water like the broken piping in the yard, the System will send an email alert to their cell phone automatically. They do not have to wait for two or three months when receiving the big invoice from utility company and realize the serious problem.

US and Canada are the only 2 countries who promote Lead Free water piping system. US particularly set up an NSF61 Lead Free Certification for this purpose. Traditionally the lead content of the piping is 8%. Under the new system, the lead content must be lower than 0.25%. Currently there are 4 states California, Vermont, Maryland, Louisiana adopt the new system. This means that all the drinking water meters installed in the 4 states must be NSF61 certified, or they will not be able to pass the inspection from the city inspectors. DAE MJ/PD (like MJ-100, PD-100) Series Water Meters have been NSF61 certified long time ago.

DAE MJ Series Water Meters (like DAE MJ-75n, MJ-200f) have also won National NTEP approval in accuracy, and repeatability as tested by Utah Water Research Lab. It applies to all the states including California who accepts both NTEP or CTEP.

In the meantime, DAE Polaris smart electric meters (like DAE P153-200-S KIT, P254-200-S KIT, UL/cUL listed) have also won California CTEP approval from 2015.

For existing buildings, sometimes it is hard to draw the new cable. Therefore, we developed Wireless Cloud Metering System and get FCC certified to service this part of the customers. DAE AMR (Auto Meter Reading Module) can monitor 16 meters, making DAE Cloud Metering Solutions very Cost Effective and competitive in the market.

We began to sell in eBay in 2015 and won the badge of Top-rated seller one year later.

In 2017 we introduce Plug and Go system to DAE Cloud Metering. The customers just connect the wiring as per a simple picture or video and ready to go. No IT guy is required.

Because of the easy Installation, in addition to north American market, DAE Cloud metering system is sold to Central America, Southern America, Middle East, Africa, Taiwan, China, Hong Kong, Malaysia. There is a small country called Antiqua & Barbuda in Caribbean. DAE Cloud Metering System is used in their 5 government buildings including Prime Minister’s Office Building, Department of Environment to monitor their Power Usage.

For more information about DAE customers, please refer to Reference and Customers.

From 2017 DAE Controls Became Amazon Choice and best seller on water meters.

DAE Brand & Logo has been approved by US Patent and Trade Mark Office early 2019. In the same year, we were certified as Minority Supplier by NMSDC.

All size of water meters (1/2”, ¾”,1”, 1-1/4”, 1-1/2”, 2”, 3”, 4”, 6”, 8”, 10”, 12”, 14”, 16”, 20”) are in stock. DAE V series water meters (like V-75) is good for vertical piping line with water flowing upwards. DAE VM/PD (like VM-75P, PD-100) series positive displacement water meters can be installed in any position, vertically or horizontally, dial facing upwards or downwards or side-way, water flowing downwards or upwards. They can also detect a very small flow/leak.

All size of 120V/208V/240V/277V/480V electric meters (5A, 50A, 100A, 200A, 400A, 600A, 1000A, 1500A, 2000A, 3000A, 5000A) are in stock, such as P153-200-S KIT, P256-600-S KIT (UL/cUL listed). DAE SMB350-UL-8-B (UL/cUL listed) is good for 120V/208V/240V/277V/480V/347V/600V and will be able to monitor 24 single phase circuits or 8 three phase electric panels.

Following are some typical customers worldwide.
• Fullerton Medical Center, University Office park, Fullerton, California
• Granada Apartments, Austin, Texas
• French Creek Marina, Clayton, New York
• Little Creek RV Resort, Anderson, South Carolina
• Shopping Center, Ellicott City, Maryland
• Sierra RV Park, Coarsegold, California
• Bank of America, Riverside, California
• Karam Um Dental Building, Clovis, California
• US, Taiwan Advantech
• US, a Large Military Base
• Hong Kong CLP Power Limited
• China Beijing Palace Museum
• Taiwan University/Dormitory and the other 81 University/Dormitories in Taiwan

DAE Trademark is approved and registered on Jan.22, 2019 by USPTO (US Patent and Trademark Office)

After a long work with DAE attorney from early 2018, DAE Trademark is finally approved and registered by USPTO (US Patent and Trademark Office) in early 2019. Amazon immediately requests DAE Controls to register the DAE Trademark in Amazon System. It is amazing to find DAE sales in Amazon was enhanced by 41% after the registration of DAE trademark. Amazon informs us that no one else can sell the water meters, electrical meters and Cloud Metering System with DAE Trademark in Amazon except that they get a prior approval from DAE Controls LLC.

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