DAE Cloud Metering Solutions for Water at 910 Northernview Apartments, ADA, OH

The owner, Mr. Tareck Shaheen, has 5 apartment buildings with internet in building 1. All the DAE CC2030 Gateways are installed in building 1. The 4 DAE AMR in building 2 -5 send the metering data through DAE WSC500 RF Converters wirelessly to the CC2030 Gateways in Building 1. With cell phone or PC, Mr. Shaheen can get access to the real time data as well as the monthly water consumption and billing reports to their tenants. If there is abnormal water usage (ex. Broken piping), an email alert will be sent to his cell phone automatically.

1 piece of AMR and 4 pieces of CC2030.

VM Series Water Meter


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