DAE MJ-75S NTEP Water Meters for Double L Mobile Estates, Lockeford CA

The owner, Mr. Randy Lipelt, told us that In 2004 the California Legislature passed AB 2572, requiring all water suppliers to install water meters on all customer connections by January 1, 2025. Double L Mobile Estates has 100 Mobile Homes. As of Feb.25 2024, 82 DAE MJ-75S NTEP certified Water Meters have been tested in San Joaquin County and installed in the Mobile Estates by Mr. Ryan Reposa (the owner of American Plumbing).
American Plumbing Information:
(209) 688-3661

After DAE MJ-75S NTEP Water Meter passes the test in the lab CA San Joaquin County, Mr. Miles Lugo (County Inspector) attaches a label to the meter. And then Mr. Ryan Reposa installs the meters.

JJ from DAE Controls LLC participated the test of DAE MJ-75S NTEP water meters in the lab of CA San Joaquin County on Dec 6 2023.

Elegent Mobile Home

JJ with the owner, Mr. Randy Lipelt, and his Double L Mobile Estates behind.

DAE MJ-75S NTEP Certified Water Meter

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