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DAE CC2030 KIT Gateway, read 20 Water Meters, kWh Meters by PC, Cell Phone, generate billing report


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  • CC2030 gateway will collect kWh data or water usage from DAE electrical meters or AMR Series and send them to the cloud (DAE server) through Ethernet. With cell phone/PC, you can read metering data and generate billing reports. No IT guy required. Just connect wires as per a simple picture (or video) & ready to go. If there is abnormal water usage (ex. Broken piping), an email alert will be sent to your cell phone automatically. TOU (Time of Use) billing reports are available from the DAE Cloud Metering System for electricity.
  • If feasible to draw a cable between AMR130AN (close to water meter) and CC2030 (close to your router), it will be more cost-effective to choose DAE CC2030 KIT + AMR130AN KIT. (2nd picture)
  • For existing building, hard to draw cable between AMR130AN and CC2030, please choose 1 AMR130-RN KIT + 1 CC2030 KIT + 1 WSC500A to connect them wirelessly. (3rd picture)
  • For monitoring up to 16 water meters remotely, you will just need 1 AMR KIT + 1 CC2030 KIT. (4th picture)
  • For existing building, hard to draw cable between AMR (close to water meter) and CC2030 (close to your router), please choose 1 AMR KIT + 1 CC2030 KIT+ 2  WSC500 RF Converters to connect them wirelessly. (5th picture)
  • For remotely monitoring a water meter in an area without power like the one in the farm, please choose CC2030 KIT+AMR130RB+WSC500A to connect Battery-Powered AMR130RB (close to water meter) and CC2030 (close to your router) wirelessly.
  • For DAE Cloud Metering Solutions on electricity (6th picture), in additional to CC2030 KIT Gateway, you will need electric submeters with RS485 communication like DAE Polaris 2500 series (ex. P254-200-S KIT, 3 hot wire, 1 neutral) or DAE Polaris 1500 series (ex. P153-200-S KIT, 2 wire 1 neutral) or SMB350-UL-8-B KIT (24 circuits)
  • For existing building, hard to draw cable between electric meter (close to electric panel) and CC2030 (close to your router), please choose 1 CC2030 KIT + 2 WSC500A RF Converters to connect electric meter and CC2030 wirelessly. (7th picture)
  • Indoor use only, DAE B1725 watertight enclosure available for outdoor use.
  • DAE Controls LLC is a Minority Business. Welcome to download NMSDC Minority Supplier Certificate from DAE Controls Website.
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  • The accessories (included in the listing) are the power supply (output 12V DC, input 120V AC, for CC2030), Din rail (to install CC2030 Gateway to the wall), Cat5e Cable (to connect CC2030 to Router), UL2464 cable (66 ft, to connect CC2030 & Electrical Meters, one software key (to connect the meter to the DAE Cloud server, one software key per meter).
  • For more quantity please contact us or refer to “Make Package for Cloud Water Metering
  • To securely transfer metering data for DAE Cloud Metering Solutions on Water (2nd picture), please use UL2464 cable to extend connection between water meters (have about 4 ft pulse cable) and AMR130/AMR, or reading of Cell phone/PC may be more than reading of meter due to exterior interference. With UL2464 cable, connection between meter, AMR130/AMR can be extended at least 328 ft, and at least 2000 ft between CC2030, AMR130/AMR.
  • You must have back-flow-prevention valve in your piping system, or the reading of Cell phone/PC may be more than the reading of water meter due to the backflow. Most of US piping system have back-flow-prevention valve. If not, please install one or refer to Non-Return-Valve (like NRVAS-75 for AS200U-75P) in DAE Controls Website, an in-expensive backflow prevention valve to be installed at the outlet of water meter.
  • For the buyers outside of USA, in addition to the tax, the carriers may charge brokerage fee.
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