DAE CT-100SB Split Core CT (Current Transformer), 100A, 100:0.033A, 0.63 Inch Inside Dia.


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Split Core CT CT-1000SB

  • 100A (100:0.033A) Split Core CT (Current Transformer) – 0.63″ Inside Dia. Compatible to all the DAE electric meters.
  • Option available for cloud metering system with DAE gateway.
  • Option available for wireless remote reading with DAE RF converters.
  • Most of our customers will be able to receive their items in 3 business days (Continental US). If you order by 4pm Eastern Time Monday through Friday, we shall ship in the same day.
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  • 100A (100:0.033A) Split Core CT (Current Transformer) – 0.63″ Inside Dia.
  • The accuracy 1% will not be affected when the CTs are mounted up to 2000 feet away from the meter.
  • DAE CTs are not direction sensitive. It does not matter if the contractors install the CTs with wrong direction of current. DAE meters can detect it and compensate it.
  • DAE provides both solid core CTs and split core CTs. Solid core CTs are suggested for new construction or for retrofitting construction when the power can be shut off. Split core CTs are ideal for retrofitting projects without having to disconnect wire terminations.
  • Factory Calibration Certificates available. DAE Controls LLC is a Minority Business. Please feel free to get the NMSDC Minority Supplier Certificate from DAE Controls Website.
  • Five year warranty from the seller and manufacturer.
Weight 0.4375 lbs


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