DAE CT-5000SB Split Core CT (Current Transformer), 5000A (5000A:66.7mA), 3×5 Inch inner dimension


  • CT-5000SB Split Core CT (Current Transformer), 5000A (5000A:66.7mA), 3.02 * 5.11 Inch inner dimension, 3 inch thickness, 7.25 * 10 inch outside dimension. 8.8 lbs., Compatible with all the DAE electric meters.
  • Depending on your electrical system you will need: 1 CT for each 120v 1 phase 2 wire (1 hot wire, 1 neutral) circuits or electrical panel; 1 CT for each 240v 1 phase 2 wire (2 hot wires) circuits or electrical panel; 2 CTs for each 120/240V 1 phase 3 wire (2 hot wire, 1 neutral) electrical panel; 2 CTs for each 208V or 480V 3 phase 3 wire (3 hot wire, no neutral) electrical panel; 3 CTs for each 120/208V or 277/480V or 347/600V 3 phase 4 wire (3 hot wire, 1 neutral) electrical panel.
  • Make sure that the arrow on the CT is in line with the orientation of the circuit. After installation, do not disconnect the 2 wires from the CT while the circuit is powered on. If the circuit is powered on while the CT is not connected to a meter, connect the 2 wires from CT to avoid damaging the CT.
  • Factory Calibration Certificates available. DAE Controls LLC is a Minority Business. Please feel free to get the NMSDC Minority Supplier Certificate from DAE Controls Website. If you are interested in cloud metering or wireless management or looking for a large quantity, please contact us.
  • Most of our customers will be able to receive their items in 3 business days (Continental US). If you order by 4pm Eastern Time Monday through Friday, we shall ship in the same day.
  • 5000A (5000A:67mA) Split Core Current Transformer – 3.02 * 5.11 Inch inner dimension
  • Lead wire: 39 inch, 20AWG
  • Accuracy: 1%
  • Frequency: 50–60Hz
  • Internal windings: 75,000
  • Option available for cloud metering system with DAE CC2030 Gateway (5th picture).
  • Option available for wireless remote reading with at least 2 DAE WSC500 RF converters (6th picture).
  • Five year warranty from the seller and manufacturer.
  • For the buyers outside of USA, in addition to the tax, the carriers may charge brokerage fee.
Weight 10 lbs
Dimensions 10 × 7.25 × 3 in


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