DAE DDM720 240V kWh Meter, 100A, 1P2W(2 hot wires), Internal CT, 60 Hz, Pass Through


240/120V, 2 hot, 1 neutral
240/120V, 2 hot 1 neutral, w/ RS485
120V, 1 hot, 1 neutral
120V, 1 hot, 1 neutral, w/ RS485
240V, 2 hot, no neutral
  • If you would like to monitor the whole electrical panel (2 hot wires, 1 neutral) for both 120V circuits and 240V circuits, please choose DDM730 or DDM730P. DDM720 only read the kWh for the 240V circuits from the electric panel. DDM720 will not be able to record the kWh for the 120V circuits from the electrical panel.
  • Upgrade to DEM720-2P, Cloud Metering available (2nd picture) with DAE CC2030 KIT Gateway. CC2030 will collect electric data from DAE electrical meters and send them to Cloud Server through Ethernet. With PC, cell phone or tablet, landlords or property managers can get access to real time data, monthly kWh and billing reports to their tenants. TOU (Time of Use) billing reports are also available. No IT guy is required. Just connect wires as per picture 5 or see video & ready to go.
  • For existing building, hard to draw cable between electric meter (close to electric panel) and CC2030 (close to your router), please choose 1 CC2030 KIT + 2 WSC500A RF Converters to connect electric meter and CC2030 wirelessly. (3rd picture).
  • Conforms to International Standard IEC62053-21 and IEC62052-11. For UL/cUL listed and California CTEP approved electric meters, please refer to DAE Polaris 1500 series like DAE P154-200-S KITFactory Calibration Certificates available. DAE Controls LLC is a Minority Business. Please feel free to get the NMSDC Minority Supplier Certificate from DAE Controls Website.
  • Indoor use only, DAE B1725 watertight enclosure is available for outdoor use.
  • We ship 3 times a day. Most of our customers will be able to receive their items in 3 business days (Continental US). If you order by 4pm Eastern Time Monday through Friday, we shall ship in the same day.
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  • DAE DDM720 240V kWh Meter, 100 Amp, 1 Phase 2 wire (2 hot wires), Internal CT, hot wire pass through, 60Hz or 50Hz
    Conforms to International Standard IEC62053-21 and IEC62052-11
  • Pulse output: 800 pulses per kWh
  • Please proceed with the following steps.
    1. Switch off the power.
    2. Dis-connect the hot wires (L1, L2) from the two pole breaker. (Usually the 240V comes from two hot wires).
    3. Insert the hot wire L1 through the L1 hole of DDM720. Insert the hot wire L2 through the L2/N hole of DDM720.
    4. Connect the hot wires (L1, L2) back to the two pole breaker.
    5. Drive down 2 small tap screws, penetrating the hot wire insulation, picking up the voltage reference and powering the meter.
  • If the hot wire diameter which passes through the meter is under 0.2 inch, please insert the wire into the tubes (attached with the meter) first and then passes through the meter.
  • If the hot wire diameter is more than 0.2 inch, please pass the wire through the meter directly without using the tubes.
  • The hole diameter on DAE DDM720 is 0.45 inch. If your wire size is more than AWG 4 (0.37 inch dia, including insulation), please choose DAE P154-200-S KIT (www.amazon.com/dp/B07S4LDK92).
  • Non-volatile Memory, the stored data is maintained through power outages.
  • The dimension of the meter is 3.46 in (88 mm) long, 2.95 in (75 mm) wide and 2.87 in (73 mm) height.
  • 1% accuracy, No conversion factor or multiplier needed.
  • LCD Display, 99999.99 kWh.
  • DIN-rail mount, 1.33mm standard DIN rail installation, complying with standard DIN EN5002.
  • CTs are built inside of the electric meter. It is not necessary to purchase external CTs.
  • For the buyers outside of USA, in addition to the tax, the carriers may charge brokerage fee.
Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 4 × 3.5 × 3.5 in


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