Can this meter be set to 0?
No, DAE AS130U-50 cannot be reset since it is a revenue grade meter. Revenue grade meter will prevent someone who is being billed with the meter from resetting the data and so not being charged for their full usage.

In order to reset the reading and monitor remotely, lots of DAE customers purchase Electronic Pulse Counters CO-10 ($38 only, www.amazon.com/dp/B071XDGWF9) which will be connected to DAE AS130U-50P (www.amazon.com/dp/B01DAXQI3G) or MJ-50 (www.amazon.com/dp/B01LVTIYS8) . Slide up the left button of Electronic Pulse Counter to unlock and then push the button to reset to 0 gallon.

We have 12 mobile homes that we would like to meter & read remotely. Can you give me some options for this project. The units are 300-500 ft apart. Ty
There are two solutions for remote reading from DAE Controls.
1. AS200U-75P (www.amazon.com/dp/B01DAZOQO2) + Electronic Pulse Counter CO-10 ($38, www.amazon.com/dp/B071XDGWF9), an inexpensive solution.
2. DAE Cloud Metering System. Please refer to 3th picture of AS200U-75P listing in Amazon.

DAE CC2030 Gateway will get the water consumption data from DAE AMR (Auto Meter Reading Module with RS485 communication for 16 water meters with Pulse Output) or DAE AMR130 (Auto Meter Reading Module with RS485 communication for 1 water meter with Pulse Output) and send them to the cloud (DAE server) through Ethernet. With PC or cell phone or tablet, the building owners or property managers will therefore be able to get access to real time data as well as the monthly water consumption and billing reports to their tenants.

The reading instructions are contradictory, exactly how its this meter read?
Thank you for bringing this to our attention. We have made changes to the instructions as follows.
The last digit is in gallons (*1 gallon). The dial is one tenth gallons (*0.1 gallons). The reading in 2nd picture of the listing is 140.84 gallons.
What is the total length with the couplings? On your specification sheet and on this site it shows the length without the couplings.
Length without couplings: 6.3 inches, Length with couplings: 11.125 inches
I just received the meter and it reads 72 gallons. Does this mean that it has been used?
It is a new meter. Please refer to 18th line of Product Description. The DAE meters have been tested by our QC inspectors in the production line to certify their quality. Therefore the reading will not be zero.
However, you can blow the air into the meter reversely to return the meter reading to 0.
Does it have to be exactly horizontal?
It is suggested by DAE engineer that DAE AS130U-50R should be installed horizontally with dial facing upwards.
How many wraps of tape to connect to a shark bite connector?
Can this be used as a stand alone product on an outdoor water faucet with a hose attached? i don’t need to read it remotely.
In order to install the ¾” water meter (ex. DAE AS200U-75R or DAE PVM-75) with Spigot and garden hose, you will need 3/4″ connector (female, female). Their connection is as follows.

¾” Spigot (Male GHT) + ¾” connector (female GHT, female NPT)+ ¾” water meter coupling (male, NPT) + ¾” connector (female GHT, female NPT) + ¾” Hose (male GHT)
The 3/4″ connector (female GHT, female NPT) like SharkBite fitting is very inexpensive, available in Home Depot and Grainger (online).
DAE AS200U-75R can only be installed horizontally with dial facing upwards. If you would like to connect the meter to spigot directly, we would suggest that you choose DAE PVM-75 (www.amazon.com/dp/B07CZ9TMLK) which can be installed in any position, vertically or horizontally, dial facing upwards or downwards or side-way, water flowing downwards or upwards.

We need this to track water usage on 3/4″ irrigation lines on commercial farm. Is this a good choice or should we be looking at something else?
DAE AS200U-75 will be able to track water usage on your 3/4″ irrigation lines. Just be sure that DAE AS200U-75 be installed horizontally with dial facing upwards.
Does this include a serial number printed on the meter?
Yes! Every meter has a serial number printed on the lower part of the register dial. DAE Manufacturing Calibration Report is available for each meter based on it serial number.
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